Leaving Riverwood today, after I head up the mountain and return that artifact anyway. I hear tell of a nearby city called Whiterun. I can probably make it if I don't stop for sleep tonight. I've been cutting wood for the local shopkeeper here and I've made a decent sum and plan on getting some new equipment when I reach Whiterun. My friend's uncle has been kind enough to let me use his workbench and forge, I spent some time sharpening my blades and patching up some armour. Hopefully I can find something decent when I get up to Bleak Barrows so I can sell it in the city and make a bit of extra cash..


Attacked by Imperials upon crossing the border to Skyrim, 'met' face to face with the leader of the Stormcloak. This whole war is crazy, I was almost killed today just for being near these men. Luckily I escaped, and a friend showed me the way to Riverwood. I met his family and I stayed for dinner. His wife is a very good cook, I dinned heartily on meat and mead. They even offered to pay for a room in the local inn as there was no room in their cabin for me. Understandable of course. As I sit here writing from my cozy bed in 'The Sleeping Giant' inn, I can't help but miss my adventures through Cyrodiil, knowing that just two centuries ago things were so much different, and much has changed since the Oblivion crisis I've read so much about. I hear music downstairs and there seems to be a bit of commotion, I think I'll enjoy myself this evening, as tomorrow I'm tasked with exploring and recovering a merchant's artifact from a large set of ruins on top of the nearby mountains. So many mountains here.


Staying the night in Bruma, there's a harsh storm coming from the North. Tomorrow I make my crossing into Skyrim. I spent a part of my day on a mountaintop, overlooking the country I traveled through. It was what seemed to be a quick journey but, it was memorable indeed. I'm hoping I find what I'm looking for when I cross that border tomorrow.


Traveled far today and made it from my original campsite to a quaint inn in Skingrad, where I'm writing this entry from. Surprised at how far I made it after my little detour when I ran into some Argonians today, said they were on their way to Leyawiin for 'business'. They looked pretty fishy (ha) to me, Long hoods pulled over much of their faces, often whispering in their own language to eachother in between sentences. I walked on a bit and when they couldn't see me up the road anymore I turned back and stalked them for some time. The first chance I got I nicked a small letter mentioning something about the Red Year and Cyrodiil. This confused me as it should have read Morrowind, not Cyrodiil. I made a quick decision and felled them with my bow. Who knows what they could have been plotting. But now I have blood on my hands. I've got to get to Skyrim.

On my way to Skyrim-

Made camp a bit north of Leyawiin. At the rate I'm going I'm hoping to make it to Skyrim's southern border by the week's end. I've been traveling light, this makes it easier to escape trouble or fight if need be. I need to get to bed early tonight, tomorrow bodes a long day of travel, and these clouds don't look very welcoming...

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